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Thank you for your interest in Bears of the West! We are a non-profit organization, which provides activities for individuals of similar social interests, as well as participate in activities within the local gay community. Membership is open to gay men, who are at least 21 years of age, who share similar social interests, and who agree to abide by the by-laws of the organization. The Bears of the West and their members do not discriminate on the basis of color, race, creed, national origin, religious persuasion, political belief, sexual orientation or physical disability.

All applicants are required to certify that they are of proper age. The organization reserves the right to request identification (such as a drivers license) with proof of age from any member. As a member in good standing, you will receive a newsletter (via email), BOTW membership card, access to all organization activities, and full voting rights at all membership meetings, including annual officer nominations and elections.

Membership Types:

We offer four different membership types: Single - $30.00, Couple - $50.00, Extended A (for 3 partners) - $70.00, or Extended B (for 4 partners) - $90.00. For larger households, please contact a BOTW Officer for a custom membership package. Online signup is limited to the first two group types. Note that every NEW MEMBER will receive a club T-shirt and will be given a membership card which can be used for discounts at various bars and merchants.

Partners must reside in the same household and use the Couples application. Partners must renew at the same time and share the same mailing address. In the event that the partnership is dissolved and the parties cease to live together, the balance of the discounted membership fees will become due and payable, in order to maintain all memberships to The Bears of the West. The balance of the discounted fee(s) will not be prorated. Abuse of this privilege can lead to non-refundable termination of one or all memberships.

To become a member of the organization, you will have two options:

1. Download, printout the application and bring it to our general meeting or mail it in. (DOWNLOAD FROM HERE)

The Bears of the West.
Attn: Membership
P.O. Box 33215
Phoenix, AZ 85061-3215

2. Sign up and pay online with Google. Payment requires you to have a google account. If you do not, you can sign up at that time. All that is required is an email address and password.

To begin the online option choose the appropriate link below: