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BOTW By-Laws Originally Adopted: January 2000

1.0 Changes to by-laws

Proposed changes can be presented in writing for a feasibility review and approval of Board of Directors for approval of the general membership for a vote. The "By-law Committee" will present such proposed changes to the board of directors for this purpose. Once proposal has been approved by the board of directors the proposed changes will be emailed to the general membership at 7 days prior to the general meeting. Members may vote in writing or email proxy submitted to the Secretary.

2.0 Membership

Membership is open to men of similar social interests who agree to abide by these by-laws. The Bears of the West and their membership do not discriminate on the basis of color, race, creed, national origin, religious persuasion, political belief, sexual orientation or physical disability. To become a member of the organization complete a membership application, signifying agreement with the clubs by-laws and paying the required dues. Membership applications will ask for identifying information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and date of birth. All applicants are required to sign the application to certify age. Members must be at least 21 years of age. The organization reserves the right to request identification from a member with proof of age such as a driver's license or other proof. The board can vote and approve to extend complimentary membership of any length at its discretion.

2.1 Removal of Members

Members may be removed from membership by an emergency vote presented to the general membership through e-mail; this e-mail will include an opportunity for the accused to explain themselves. If a general membership meeting is happening in the next 14 days, from violation, then an e-mail will not be necessary. In the case of a violation of any aspect of the organization's by-laws then in effect, a unanimous vote by the membership, shall be deemed sufficient to remove a member from membership. Removed members are barred from attending any club sponsored function. The club can bar removed members from any function but cannot bar anyone from a public place. A member removed from membership for cause can petition for membership again no sooner than 1 year after their scheduled expiration date by submitting a request in writing to the Board of Directors. A majority vote of the Board will be required for membership requests to be approved.

3.0 Scheduling and Conduct of Meetings

The organization shall hold a regular business meeting once per quarter. Other meetings may be called from time-to-time as determined by the events at the meeting. The officers will also hold a monthly meeting and may also call special meetings. All regular business meetings are open to anyone who may wish to attend. All monthly officers meetings are open to any member who may wish to attend, especially those who are consistently unable to attend the regular meetings. Any member planning on attending the monthly officers meeting should give notice to an officer of his plans to attend. Only regular due's paying members in good standing may vote in any general meeting. Unless otherwise specified, approval of any action requires a simple majority of those present.

3.1 Annual Meeting

For purposes of complying with laws related to corporations, the annual meeting of the corporation shall be designated as the regular business meeting in the month of June at which corporate officers are elected and any matters related to the corporation and its status are considered. ALL members are urged to attend this meeting.

3.2 Quorum

In order to conduct general business, for matters not otherwise specified, a quorum shall consist of those present at a regular or special business meeting of the organization. For financial decisions regarding non established event expenditures of funds in excess of the amount of $200.00 at least 3 officers must give their approval. Since conditions may dictate a timely disbursement, this approval may be obtained by a one-by-one vote gathering to secure the minimum of 3 officers when it is not feasible to wait until the next regular business meeting. Expenses for established events do not need approval.

4.0 Officers and Directors

4.1 Directors

The Board of Directors of the corporation shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, with duties as specified below plus a maximum of 6 "Bear at Large" positions. Their terms of office as Directors shall be the same as their terms of office as officers.

4.2 President

The President shall conduct all meetings and delegate such authority to another officer if unable to be present. The President may appoint any necessary standing and ad hoc committees and the chairpersons of such committees.

4.3 Vice President

The Vice President is elected to assist the President. The Vice President shall normally act as the acting President in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall be the chairperson of all special committees unless the President or the corporation appoints a chairperson.

4.4 Secretary

The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings, or designate another officer or member to do so in his absence. The Secretary shall be responsible for the keeping of all written records of the corporation and for all official correspondence of the corporation.

4.5 Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the deposit, recording, accounting, disbursement and safekeeping of all funds for the corporation. The Treasurer is authorized to disburse funds for all ordinary expenses such as printing, supplies, event expenses and other non ordinary expenses up to the amount of $200.00 for a single disbursement. The Treasurer will present a year-to-date financial report at each monthly officers meeting and to general meeting attendees. He will be responsible for membership directories, membership cards, and collection of dues.

4.6 Members-At-Large

Members-At-Large shall be elected during yearly elections to assist the officers. Six members-at-large can be currently in office at any time, though a total of six is not required. Members-at-large have full voting rights on the board of officers. The position of Web-Master is considered as a member at-large position. Duties of the members-at-large are listed below and will be divided between the different members-at-large as The Board of Directors see fit to divide them as long as all duties are covered. These duties are:

Activities Consultation - Calendar of event Web Master - Maintenance of Bears of the West and Phurfest Websites Communications - Event(s) reminders to members through e-mail regarding the events and email reminders several times prior to the event Inventory Support - Manage event needs and coordinate these needs to be met.

4.7 Election of Officers and Assumption of Office

Nominations for office will be accepted between May 1st and May 25th of each year. Nominations are "self" nominations and may be made in person at a meeting, or by proxy submitted in writing to the President and Secretary no later than noon on the 25th. "Self" nominations will be placed on the ballot and no second is required to be accepted. On the 26th of May, any offices that have two or more active members running for them will be closed to nominations. Any offices that have no active members running for on May 26th will be closed to nominations and appointed by the newly elected President after July 1st. After that time, any offices still running unopposed will remain unopposed at the election time. Members attending the June general meeting will vote for officers at the meeting during the Old Business section of the regular meeting. During Old Business prior to the vote, each self-nominated candidate will have a maximum 5 minutes to present their qualifications and answer any member's questions. Members not attending the meeting may vote by email submitted in writing to the Secretary no later than noon of the day before the June meeting. A simple majority of those voting as described will be sufficient to elect. Results of the election will be announced at the General Meeting. New officers will assume office on July 1. A member in good standing may run and be elected for the same office without limit. A motion to elect automatically all unopposed candidates without a ballot may be made at the June election. In the event of a tie vote, the President will vote to break the tie.

4.8 Handling of Vacant Officers

If any office shall become vacant for any reason, including resignation or removal, the President may appoint a member to assume the office for the balance of the term of office. The appointee will be announced via email. If the office of President becomes vacant, the Vice President shall immediately assume the office of President for the balance of the term of office. In the case of vacancy in the offices of both the President and Vice President, immediate succession to acting President shall be the Secretary, Treasurer and Members-At-Large, in that order. Nomination and election of both a new President and Vice President shall be held at the next regular business meeting. In the interim, the acting President shall assume all duties of President in addition to the duties of their existing office.

4.9 Monthly Meeting of Officers

The corporation officers shall meet monthly to review the financial status of the corporation, plan events and to deal with any other administrative matters that require their attention. Such meetings are intended only for the officers, but shall be open to all members. Those unable to attend regular business meetings are invited to attend an officer's meeting in order to have the opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas. Advance notice is requested before attendance of members to this meeting. No action may be taken at such meetings, which requires specific voting requirements as designated in these by-laws. The date, time and location of each officer's meeting will be published on the monthly calendar.

4.10 Removal of Officers

An Officer may be removed from membership, by the Corporation of Officers. The Secretary will notify all members by email at least ten days prior to the meeting such a vote is to be taken. Officers missing 2 consecutive officer's meetings without notification that is accepted by the other board members can be voted off of the board of officers by a majority of the officers.

5.0 Financial Matters

5.1 Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the corporation and organization shall be July 1 through June 30.

5.2 Special Record-Keeping Requirements

When deemed necessary by the Board, all membership dues and special events that require a registration fee will be recorded by the Treasurer.

5.3 Dues

There shall be annual dues levied upon the privilege of being a member of the Bears of the West. Dues increases will be presented to the membership during a regular business meeting and shall be approved by the membership in attendance in order to be levied. Voted rate increases will only take affect at the beginning of the year. Renewal dues will be due January 1 each year, and may be paid anytime through January 31. Members who are still delinquent as of February 1 will automatically be removed from membership. Only those members who are current on their membership dues may vote in the annual election of officers.

5.4 Annual Audit

The President shall appoint an audit committee as needed or determined by the Board of Directors. The committee will consist of at least three members other than the Treasurer (two of whom are not officers). The audit committee will meet with the Treasurer to examine all records for the preceding fiscal year and extending into the current fiscal year, up to the time of audit. The audit committee will report the results of the audit to the membership at the regular business meeting.

5.5 Check Signing

There are to be three designated signers of checks on the club checking account: These shall be Officers of the club. The Treasurer will keep possession of the check book.

6.0 Confidentiality of Member Information

Members must give their individual permission prior to the publication of addresses, phone numbers and any other personal or identifying information in any form. If distributed to the entire membership in the future (in accordance with selection on your application) members are requested to keep any such published information confidential and not release such published information outside the corporation. All officers will have a current (as much as possible) directory of all members furnished by the Treasurer; the officers are required to keep this information confidential and will not furnish individual's information to another member unless prior permission has been granted. Any and all such information provided on membership application forms and other documents completed by members shall be placed in the safekeeping of the Treasurer who shall maintain it confidentiality.

By-laws Revision dates: 01/16/03 & 03/18/04 & 11/15/06 & 09/15/11 & 9/25/13